Basic Plan

£19.99 for 1 month with a 30-day free trial

As Basic Plan, plus:

  • Text the link to all callers (from mobiles, obviously) as seen on the Demo Numbers Page
  • 30-day free trial.

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  • Set-up, testing and help
  • A customised message, with as many revisions as you wish.
  • No contract, turn it on and off as you please (most customers have an 8-month blast, soar above all their competition and then realise they don’t need us anymore.)
  • 91.4% of messages will be ignored

To compute how many extra feedbacks you will get:

Extra Feedback  =  Callers on mobiles x 8.6%

Example 1 – Pharmacy with 25 calls per day

650 calls / month , Extra feedbacks : 52.

This means if you have 25 reviews now, you will have 77 at the end of month 1, 129 at the end of month 2, 181 at the end of month 3

Example 1 – Pharmacy with 25 calls per day

Example 2 – Criminal Solicitor  with 15 calls per day

Example 3 –  Small Florist with 10 calls per day

Example 4 – Ladies Hair Salon with 20 calls per day

Example 5 – Mens Barber shop with 1 call per day


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