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  • Free QR Code (never expires)
  • Free shortcode link

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QR Code Examples:

Feel free to scan:

The first one is intentionally configured to go to our local McDonalds – but it could just eas easily be your business.

Shortlink Examples:

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  1. admin (verified owner)

    I admit to being somewhat sceptical at first, however, after faffing with BT for a short while, we were up and running. We put on 13 feedbacks in our first week, taking us from 4 to 17. Very happy!

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How to Scan?

iPhone Camera has a QR code scanner built-in; Android Devices mostly have Google Lens pre-installed. It appears as the "Lens" option in the camera.

Will the code expire?

No, we will never turn it off.

Do you have analytics to show me how many people click?

Yes, but not on this plan.

Can you A/B Test the message to see which message gets me the most reviews?

Yes, but not on this plan. Message 2 above received 72% more reviews.

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